Rothermel Funeral Homes

James Arthur Rothermel (seated on the driver side of horse drawn hearse) was the first funeral director in the Mahantango Valley to use modern methods of embalming.  His three sons Norman, Lawrence and Willard, all became funeral directors establishing funeral homes in Pennsylvania. 

Willard A. Rothermel established his funeral home at 120 South Market Street in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania, in 1948.

His son Ray W. Rothermel took over the Willard A. Rothermel Funeral Home in 1984.

In 1998, the Ray W. Rothermel Funeral Home was established at 55 West Valley Avenue in Elysburg, Pennsylvania.
     To this day, Ray runs both funeral homes providing service to people of all faiths.

     Pre-arrangements and financing are available for all full-service funerals and cremation services.
     Please call for free consultation and information at 1-570-339-4960 or e-mail at